Extreme Sports in and around Melbourne

by christian haugen

Australia’s prime business hub, Melbourne is also the no. 1 destination in terms of sports. An here I’m not only talking about  the Melbourne Cup or other major annual sports events, but also about the great diversity of sports that can be practised  around this city. You can practically try out almost any sport during your stay in Melbourne, from golf to sky diving. Today however I will focus on the wildest side of Melbourne sports and present you some popular extreme sports in and around Melbourne you might want to try out:

Rock Climbing and Abseiling

If you ever get bored with the sky scrapers and the bug city buzz, you can always take a one day climbing trip. The scenic vicinities of Melbourne offer plenty of occasions to test your courage and squeeze out a few adrenaline drops. Climbing and abseiling are two popular and exciting sports that can be practiced around Melbourne (and all across Victoria, actually). There are several travel agencies offering this kind of tours in Melbourne, so all you need is a little determination and of course, some finance.

Sky Diving

by Ianz

Melbourne is well known for its acrobatic flight and ski diving schools, so if you have a passion for this type of sports or would like to try them out, Melbourne is the perfect place to do it. Tandem diving is usually the choice for first timers. Such a flight costs usually about 150-200 AUS, and the altitude of the jump is around 10000 feet. However, you can enhance your experience with booking one day trips, which include a jump and a wine tasting tour, for example.

Acrobatic Flights

Ever wondered how many Gs you can put up with? Well, the easiest way to find out is by booking an acrobatic flight trip above Melbourne. The views will be fantastic, there is no doubt, but they aren’t half as exciting as spinning in the air aboard a military plane and be part in the most interesting manoeuvres.


by glennharper

Surfing is a widely popular all over Australia. Victoria has some of the best surfing beaches on the continent and Melbourne is no exception. The nearby Great Ocean Road offers some of the best marine landscape in the country, and fantastic waves for the expert surfer. Surf schools are easy to find in the Melbourne area so even the novice surfer will be able to get a taste of these unequalled surfer beaches.

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