Exploring Multicultural Perth

by ozPATT

Perth, the lively city on Australia’s Western coast, would better be characterized as a foreigner’s enclave. Australian nationals living in the city are way outnumbered by expats, especially British, Kiwis and Malaysians, which makes Perth one of the most culturally diverse cities in Australia. That means that if you ever decide to visit Perth, you certainly won’t lack the feeling that you are a citizen of the world visiting a cosmopolitan, 21st century city. The shortest way to exploring multicultural Perth is to visit its ethnic boroughs, get a nice Italian dinner or maybe a glass of Irish beer and join the colorful crowd attending one of the city’s numerous ethnic fests. Here are some starting points:

Perth Burroughs

by wstarr

Northbridge is probably the busiest area of Perth, make it day or night.  Fine dining and international restaurants are widely spread, and they are especially known for the Mediterranean and Chinese cuisines. Notrtbiddge is also my suggested location for clubbers, as it concentrates much of the city’s nightlife. The best pizza and spaghetti can be enjoyed in Subiaco, while the traditional fish and chips can be sampled in the more lively atmosphere of Fisherman’s Warf.

Ethnic Fests

Perth celebrates its multiculturalism in a very sensible and encompassing manner. Fremantle Festival is one of the oldest manifestations in the city – the first edition dates back to 1905. The festival is a great occasion to meet local artists, taste ethnic foods and get a grasp of the city’s cultural heritage. Each year the festival dedicated exhibitions and concerts to some if its ethnic groups, like Asians, Italians or Jews. The International Arts Festival is another event celebrating diversity, also one of Perth’s most prestigious manifestations.

Perth Art Galleries and Venues

by nate robert

There are mostly local painters and sculptors the one whose works you will have a change to admire in the city’s private owned galleries. Perth offers a good deal of galleries specialized in aboriginal art, like Japingka, Creative Native or Grenhill Gelleries. For Asian arts and crafts, try Gallery East. There are of course many other ways to make the best of your staying in Perth and enjoy the city’s diversity.  With a little research you’ll be able to identify some religious holydays that different ethnic groups celebrate: there will certainly be something going on at that time, all you have to do is keep an eye out. Also, it won’t be difficult to identify a few cafes or bars with a very European feel.

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