Ecotourism in Australia

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Australia offers a lot of choices for the eco-friendly tourist. The country has an impressive number of national parks and protected areas, and the preservation of nature is strongly enforced by Australian laws. But in addition to following the general regulations and taking some common sense precautions, there are various ways to minimize your impact on Australia’s stunning nature. Some of the most common choices include organized tours, booking eco-friendly accommodation or active vacations. The most simple way to practice eco-tourism is by visiting natural parks and sites in the least intrusive manner (for example, choosing to stay in a tent rather that a fancy hotel, using a tour bus or shuttle rather that driving around etc.) There is a long tradition of ecotourism in Australia, therefore in today’s post I will try to present to the most available choices:


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There is a national ecotourism organization certifying operators in the eco sector. Such tours are available nation-wide and usually come with certified guides, eco-friendly accommodation and in many cases even on-tour seminars and lectures about local fauna, flora and history. An eco- tour can be quite an interactive and adventurous way to spend your vacation: many operators are located along the seaside, so that you can take sailing lessons, swim with dolphins or exotic fish, watch wales etc. Common activities include rafting, bushwalking, canoeing, bird watching and safaris.  It’s a great way to help small, isolated communities and learn a tremendous amount of interesting facts. While many tours concentrate of areas of great interest such as Blue Mountains, the Great Coral Reef or the Great Ocean Road, short tours can be available as well in the proximity of big cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

Eco Accommodation

An eco-hotel can mean a lot of things, from good waste management and alternative sources of energy to a perfect blend into the surrounding nature. Usually such hotels are located in areas of great natural beauty and can offer a more intimate experience of the surroundings. Facilities can vary a lot depending on location and costs: under the eco label you can find a tent, a log cabin or luxurious villa atop a cliff.

Active Vacations

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The practice of different sports can count as eco-tourism in Australia. Many of the active vacation tour organizers are eco-certified and act towards sustainable development. Some of the least harmful sports you can practice are biking, climbing, kayaking, rafting, hiking or trecking.


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