Discover Aboriginal Australia

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Its aboriginal past is one aspect of Australian culture that no tourists should miss or disregard. Aboriginals have lives in Australia for thousands of years and their culture is indeed fascinating: everywhere you travel across the continent you’ll find ancient mural paintings, admire original artwork and listen to enchanting legends and stories. A visit to Australia is your best occasion to get in contact with the few Aboriginal communities that have survived the clash of civilizations. Therefore, today’s post is an invitation to discover Aboriginal Australia:

Aboriginal Communities

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The closer you get to the culture of the Australian aborigines, the better you’ll get to know them. Aboriginal population has been severally reduced after the arrival of the colonists, however there are still some aboriginal communities spread through the country. A good place to start your quest in the Northern Territory, home to the Burrara people. The area around Darwin is home to the Larrakia Nation, while a numerous aboriginal community still lives on the Cook River in New South Wales.

Aboriginal Cultural Centres

Aboriginal Cultural Centres are probably the most common and accessible way to get into connect with aboriginal culture. Here you can watch shows and demonstration, learn about the history of specific aboriginal tribes and buy aboriginal art. There are numerous such centres in Australia – you’ll find them pretty much everywhere you’ll go. Some of the best known are Murru Mitigar, Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, the Wardan Centre or the Aboriginal Dreamtime Cultural Centre in Queensland.

Sacred Places and Aboriginal Art

Many of Australia’s natural marvels were considered sacred by the Austrlian aborigines. Uluru Rock is still a very important place in the aboriginal culture and all visitors should approach this popular attraction with great respect.   Rock art and ancient paintings can been seen in several places in Australia, however Kakadu National Park is the number one destination. Most of the above mentioned cultural centres will have a gift shop or something similar. As for contemporary aboriginal art, better check out the big art galleries in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth.

Aboriginal Festivals and Manifestations

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As I said before, there is a well-represented aboriginal community in Central and Northern Australia, so this is where the biggest manifestations will take place. Two of the major festivals actually take place in Alice Springs: Alice Desert Festival in autumn and the Alice Springs Beanie festival in June. Barunga People near Katherine have their own Cultural and Sports Festival.

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