Coolest Wine Tours in Australia

by jackson017

Due to the outrageous hours of sun it receives, Australia has established itself as one of the top wine producers on the globe. Therefore travelers shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the sunny valleys around Melbourne, Sydney or Perth and get a taste or Australia’s premiere wines. The easiest way to get to the vineyards is by booking a tour (which most likely means that you’ll be accompanied by an expert), but you might also choose to drive yourself (but be sure that the unlucky fellow who will be your designated driver won’t enjoy it as much). Here are some famous wine producing regions were you can enjoy the coolest wine tours in Australia:

Yarra Valley, Victoria

by timobalk

This renowned region is easily accessible from Melbourne (about 50 miles) and offers fabulous landscapes and picturesque farms. Victoria is generally a very warm state so the grape varieties growing here result in sweet, flavored vines such as chardonnay, pinot noir and champagne. There are about 70 wineries, ranging from family-owned and rustic to boutique.

Hunter Valley, NSW

Hunter Valley in New South Wales is a famous wine region near Sydney. The proximity to Australia’s busiest city and the favoring geographic position have encouraged the cultivation of grapes in the area since the 19th century. The most popular varieties you will encounter here are Chardonnay, Semillon, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Don’t leave the valley without purchasing at least one bottle of the renowned Hunter Valley Semillon.

Barossa, South Australia

by janasaloThe wines produced in Barossa Valley near Adelaide owe their distinctive flavor to the hot weather and also a slightly different approach to wine making – the ancestors of these wine yards are in fact the German settlers. The dry climate results in very sweet grapes, thus the wines in the region are very concentrated. The signature brand of Barossa is the Shiraz grape, which results in a much appreciated red, full bodied wine.

Swan District, Western Australia

Located north of Perth, Swan district is known for its great table wines, especially red varieties like shiraz and merlot. This can a particularly spectacular experience due to the fact that you can abandon the classic concept of a wine tour and decide to book one of the wine tasting river cruises. Remember that this is an intensely visited area so you’ll have access to all kind of accommodation and facilities, including luxury restaurants or small breweries.

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