Coolest Crocodile Parks in Australia

by siulesoj

Crocodiles and crocodile farms play a major role in Australian tourism. While the aboriginal folklore accounts for numerous representations of this feared predator, today’s crocs find themselves on a thin line between protected species, tourist attraction and farming animal. Before starting to present you my selection of the coolest crocodile parks in Australia, we should learn some essential facts about these interesting reptiles.

First and most important, there are two types of crocodiles in Australia: saltwater (estuary) crocodiles, which are bigger and more aggressive, and freshwater crocodiles, smaller and reportedly unthreatening to humans. The tropical Queensland is the croc-country par excellence. In general, there is a difference between crocodile farms – where crocodiles are raised for industrial purposes, and crocodile parks, where crocodiles are protected. But some crocodile farms also have educational activities, as you can see in these next examples:

Koorana Farm, Coowonga

by beate

Self-titled ‘Crocodile Farm and Restaurant ‘, Koorona is one of the only places where you can watch and eat a crocodile. It was the first farm open to the public and it now includes tours and unique experiences like watching crocodiles hatch or holding a (tied) crocodile. As for crocodile meat and dishes, we’ll let you make an idea of it…

Hartley’s Creek Crocodile Farm, Port Douglas

This is one of the biggest crocodile parks in the country. Here visitors can observe crocodiles’ activity in a natural habitat (a small lagoon) as well as numerous other species of small reptiles and birds; there are koalas, as well! The park is open all year round so, with the usual croc-precautions in mind, you are free to explore the surroundings and get an insight in the life of this fascinating species.

Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin

With the renowned Darwin Crocodile Farm now closed to visitors, Crocosaurus Cove in the town of Darwin remains one of the best places to watch crocs. This is the only place to swim with a crocodile without worries, and the list of activities can continue: croc fishing, croc feeding, holding a baby croc etc.

Crocoseum, Australia Zoo

by Thoursie

It’s not worth mentioning the Australian crocodiles without remembering the one and only crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin. Not quite a crocodile farm, the Crocoseum at the Australia Zoo is a true revelation in terms of crocodile habits and habitat. The show conducted by the museum’s trained personnel is both thrilling and instructive. Here you can observe some superb male crocodiles in clear water, which is a unique opportunity considering the crocs’ tendency toward muddy waters.


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