Common Myths about Australians

by andy fitz

Like every other nation in the world, Aussies are subject to stereotypes and clichés. Even though Australia is a big country with a small and quite young population, there are plenty of myths and jokes related to the Aussie culture. Australian accent is not difficult to recognize but what about the other stereotypes and myths associated with this nation? Well, let’s take a look at some common myths about Australians and have a quick reality check:

Some Misbeliefs about Aussies

by corey leopold

Most common stereotypes related to Australians have to do with food and eating habits. A lot of people tend to consider Australia to be a very exotic country so therefore assume that Aussies eat a lot of strange food. This myth might have to do with an ’80s commercial that has launched the slogan ‘chuck shrimps in the barbie’. While a barbecue might be sometimes called a barbie, Australians, who indeed eat a lot of seafood, don’t eat shrimp, but prawns.
Many other misbeliefs have to do with the way Australians look. People imagine them as very noisy fellows, with a strange accent, beer bellies and kaki clothes and hats. They also assume most of the Australians were born at the countryside, on some remote farm. Of course, most of these are not true: while some Australians might have a beer belly, they don’t dress differently from Europeans or Americans and quite a lot of them were born in a city.
Also, Australia is not necessarily a dangerous country. As you saw in out previous post on dangerous animals in Australia, there are a lot of poisonous insects and animals, but they usually leave in remote places and don’t attack humans unless they feel threatened.

Fun myths and real facts about Aussies

by russel C

There are also some fun realities in what concerns Aussies. While this nation is very proud of its unique animals like kangaroos or emu, you’ll often meet these two animals listed in a restaurant’s menu (they are raised in farms, not hunted, though). Aussies are generally fond of sports, no matter if this involves practicing a sport or watching a game. They also seem to be quite fond of gambling, as Australia alone has about a fifth of the entire number of gambling machines. But what it’s indeed terrific about Australia is that it has incredibly many beaches and national parks which allow people to be very adventurous and outdoorsy. Last, but not least, one should remember that Sydney is the biggest city in the country but by no means its capital, like many people often think.

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