Cheap flights to Sydney

Where to find cheap flights to Sydney

To find cheap flights to Sydney, as a first step it is basic to look on numerous travel websites to see all the costs and find the cheapest one. Don’t exclusively look for tickets to Sydney Kingsford, it might be more affordable to go to a close by town/city and get a rental car to reach the city. Remember that it is generally more budget-friendly to fly between Monday and Friday particularly in case you stay for the weekend, as a consequence you will preserve some money plus get the time to explore the sights of the area.

Advice to make up your mind about when to go to Sydney

Peak season in Sydney is throughout late-December to early-February, which implies lively environment, probably more favorable weather plus a lot more activities although also more tourists, queues and bigger prices. The opposite of the above, low travel season is in May to August, bringing lower rates, less people, but it might also bring some unfavorable circumstances, such as fewer suitable activities or worse weather. Thus we consider that overall the best period of time to go to Sydney is between the two extremes, somewhere around late-September to early-December and late-February to April.

Interesting info concerning Sydney and the flights going there

  • The lengthiest flight arriving to the city is 7,767 miles (12,500 km) long with the airplane coming from Vancouver.
  • The city is located in the GMT+10 time zone, as a result, depending on your starting point, you could suffer from jet-lag.
  • Right now approximately 4.395 million residents have their home in Sydney, Australia.
  • Sydney is connected to a large number of different airports everywhere, 85 of them more precisely.
  • The briefest flight links the city and Newcastle – the flight is only 74 miles long.

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