Cheap Flights from Las Vegas to Gold Coast

Cheap flights from Las Vegas to Gold Coast

The cheapest Las Vegas to Gold Coast airfare for the next 12 months was found by our users for June 2014, for $1,514 round-trip. This Virgin Australia flight was found on FlightHub and it brings 22,470 award miles for those who book it.

When to fly from Las Vegas to Gold Coast

High travel season is around November to March in Gold Coast consequently airline tickets can get truly expensive than. Assuming that you are browsing for lower fares, we suggest you leave in May to September, over low season, when prices can be more advantageous. We consider that altogether the nicest time to visit the city from Las Vegas is between seasons, during April and October.

Helpful advice about cheap flights from Las Vegas to Gold Coast

  • The longest flight coming into Gold Coast Coolangata is 4,503 miles long and it comes from Tokyo Narita, Tokyo.
  • The one single airport serving the city, Gold Coast Airport, is about 3 miles south of the city center.
  • The shortest flight starting from Gold Coast is no more than 344 miles long and goes to Newcastle.
  • Las Vegas is linked to 136 airports in total.
  • The longest possible flight distance between Las Vegas and Gold Coast is over 7,500 miles miles.