Cheap Flights from Baltimore to Melbourne

Cheap flights from Baltimore to Melbourne

The usual price of a flight from Baltimore to Melbourne is $1,982. It’s useful to know that you can get around 19 thousand award miles for a flight on this route. A flight from Baltimore to Melbourne will be about $1,950 trough off season while it gets more expensive in peak season. Interesting fact that the lowest rate ever found for this route is $1,291, it was a United Airlines flight discovered by our users on Faregeek. But the cheapest airfare discovered in the last 12 months is great too, only $1,552 r/t for a United Airlines flight found for September 2012 on Faregeek.

When to travel from Baltimore to Melbourne

Popular travel season is around December to February in Melbourne and because of this airline tickets will probably be really costly around that time. Assuming that you happen to be searching for more affordable prices, it is smart if you depart in June to August, over low season, because than rates are usually a lot cheaper. We consider that normally the ideal time to travel to the city from Baltimore is between low and high season, during March to May and September to November.

Useful advice about cheap flights from Baltimore to Melbourne

  • Baltimore is connected to 74 different airports in total.
  • The shortest distance between Baltimore and Melbourne is 10,232 miles long, it is a 1 hour flight.
  • The longest viable flight distance between Baltimore and Melbourne is 12,701 miles.
  • The longest flight arriving to Melbourne is 7,927 miles long and it takes off in Los Angeles International Airport.
  • The shortest flight taking off in Melbourne is only 161 miles long and goes to Albury.