Shopper's Guide to Perth

Shopper’s Guide to Perth

As the major city and shopping destination on Australia's west coast, Perth offers a complete shopper's. While most of Australia's national brands are present here, Perth has also managed to attract numerous high street and luxury brands. Perth's malls and designer shops are as glamorous as those in any big Western or Asian city. Also, a handful of local designer boutiques give international shoppers a taste of the local fashion industry. Check out this shopper's guide to Perth and learn abo... [ read more ]

Shopper's Guide to Melbourne

Shopper’s Guide to Melbourne

Melbourne might not have the international fame or the allure of Sydney, but, in terms of business and shopping, Melbourne is second to none. While tourists flock to Sydney to admire its landmarks and enjoy its sunny beaches, Melbourne makes an ideal destination for a shopping vacation. From high street shopping to the huge factory outlets at the city's outskirts, Melbourne's commercial centers are meant to appeal all categories of buyers. And the more time you spend strolling through its fa... [ read more ]

Top Five Shopping Malls in Australia

Top Five Shopping Malls in Australia

Its huge, state of the arts shopping malls and the variety of brands and merchandise from both Europe and Asia make Australia a great shopping destination. Big cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane impress through their compact, buzzing shopping districts where one can find not only luxury fashion brands like Armani or Gucci, but also aboriginal art, local designer boutiques or Asian antiques. Some of Australia’s big shopping centres can have up to several hundred stores, along with ... [ read more ]