Budget Accommodation in Sydney

by Jong Soo(Peter) Lee

Flying to Sydney is certainly not cheap if you happen to leave anywhere except Australia. So any trick that can save you some vacation money is more than welcome, especially a nice hotel rate. Sydney is not a cheap place to travel but the great thing about it is that it can be quite affordable if you are willing to invest some effort. There are less central hotels and inns offering some very good deals, as well as a number of youth hostels, which is quite remarkable considering this is not Europe, the land of hostels.  So in the event that you are willing to make some small compromises and save precious money, here are a few useful tips on finding budget accommodation in Sydney:

Sydney Hostels

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The great thing about hostels is that many of them have really central locations, and in most cases will offer all kinds of extra goodies like complimentary breakfast, pub crawls or walking tours. If you are a backpacker in search of company, booking a hostel bed might be the wise thing to do. The price of a hostel bed starts somewhere around 15$ but can go as high as $45 in peak season or in case you want a single room. Some popular hotels in the Sydney area are Eva’s Backpackers, Tokyo Village, Big Hostel, Blue Parrot, The Funk House and Wake Up!

Budget Hotels and Inns

Mid-range hotels like Travelodge, Best Western, Four Seasons or Comfort Inn are easy to spot everywhere around Sydney, offering single rooms for somewhere between 70$ and 120$ per night. There are also a lot of decently priced local businesses, like St. Leonard Mansions, Y Hotel City South, or Woolbrokers Hotel. Some nicely located guest houses in the Sydney area are Pompei Bead and breakfast, TARA Guesthouse and Hotel 59.

Apartment Rental

by gr2ening

Short term rentals are a great way to save money and experience local life. Renting an apartment for a few days, self-catering and going to the nearby supermarket (or beach!) will give you a true taste of the Australian lifestyle. This type of accommodation can be particularly suitable for larger groups or families, whether they are looking for a beach house or a centrally located suite.  The prices start at about 100$ per night per apartment, but it depends a lot on the extent of your staying and the season of the year. However, keep in mind that in many cases you’ll be dealing directly with the owner so there might be room to negotiate.


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