Brisbane in a Day: Travel Guide

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One of Queensland’s biggest and most prosperous cities, Brisbane makes a great day trip destination for the adventurous tourist who is ready to take a break from Queensland‘s nature and beaches and indulge on some urban sophistication. Even though the central Brisbane is all about fancy restaurants and shops and glass and metal office buildings, the city has much to offer in terms of attractions. To give you an idea of this, just think about how many cities you know where one can actually cruise through the central district? Hope today’s post titled: “Brisbane in a Day: Travel Guide” will prove to be useful for all those with just one day to spend in Brisbane:

By boat, by bus or by foot?

Just like in the case of other big cities around the world, there are many ways to approach Brisbane. For example, you can take a cruise up Brisbane River, take one of the hop on, hop of tour buses or simply walk – the city centre is relatively compact so a good walker will have no trouble getting around. Driving is also relatively easy in Brisbane (even for a visitor), but in this case you must have a very clear idea of what you want to see.

Visitor information

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Visiting a city in such a short time requires, more than anything, a good map. The easiest way to get one is to go to the South Bank Visitor Information Centre. There you can get all the information need for a day of sightseeing in Brisbane, plus maps, event and nightlife guides, discount tickets etc.

Main attractions

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland which means that you’ll get to admire lots of interesting administrative buildings like the National Bank, the City Hall, the Old Government House and the Parliament House (Queensland parliament). In terms of museums, probably the best choice would be the Queensland Art Gallery and Museum.  Victoria Bridge, the Skyneedle, the Brisbane Wheel and the City Hall represent Brisbane’s best known symbols. Early Street is particularly famous for its historic buildings.

What to do

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With just several hours to visit such a big city, one must learn how to combine activities and save time. A visit to the Brisbane Botanical Garden or the South Bank Arbor will give you the chance to enjoy beautiful nature, relax and maybe enjoy a quick lunch or picnic in the same time. A dinner cruise in the evening will give you the chance to admire central Brisbane from a totally different perspective. To feel the vibe of Brisbane’s fabulous nightlife, go to one of the local clubs or try your luck at the Treasury Casino.




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