Best Theme Parks in Australia


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Those who already had the chance to visit Australia might agree with me that the country Down Under can be quite entertaining by itself – by this, I mean that with all the possibilities it offers for extreme sports, bush-walking or partying, Australia would be just as fun even without its theme parks. But Australia does have its theme parks, and some of them also happen to be really good. So whenever you feel a sudden need to ride a roller coaster or defy gravity in some crazy ride, you can check out this list of the best theme parks in Australia:

Adventure World, Perth

I might have mentioned this park before in some of my posts about attractions in Perth, but since we’re at the amusement park chapter I might as well tell you more about it. This park combines the attractions of a classic theme park with those of a water park – one of the most challenging ridesin the park is in fact a huge water tube.

caterpillar roller coaster

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What’s rather disappointing about this park is that it doesn’t have a roller-coaster – so not a place for roller-coaster junkies, I’m afraid. However, families with children of various ages will be happy to discover there’s something for everyone at Adventure World.

Luna Park, Sydney

Not to be confused with Luna Park Melbourne, this park has established itself as one of Sydney’s most popular landmarks. Since its opening in 1930, Luna Park has added new thrilling rides with each generation, while still preserving its vintage charm.


luna park ©paul.carmona/Flickr

This is one of those unique places where you can find a Mirror Maze or a Ferris Wheel along with a state of the art roller-coaster. Also, Luna Park can be an inspired choice for hosting a birthday party, watching a show or even organizing a wedding!

Sea World, Gold Coast

It is somehow expected that Australia too should have its own Sea World. The Park is located in Gold Coast, one of the country’s premiere beach resorts and it is quite similar to its American version. The main attraction at Sea World are its dolphin shows (no orcas, unfortunately), but you’ll also be able to meet animals like sharks, polar bears, penguins or seals. There are also a few nice rides in this park, including a roller-coaster and a whole water-park.

Wet’n’Wild Water World, Gold Coast

Gold Coast has more attraction parks than any other Australian city, but the Wet’n’Wild is worth mentioning as probably the best water park in the country. The park is particularly appreciated for its gigantic water slides and tubes, including the park’s highlight ride: Kamikaze. No matter if you are determined to take the greatest challenges or you just want to chill and float along a lazy river, this park can be a great choice in a hot summer day.

water tube

wet and wild park ©Roller Coaster Philosophy/Flickr


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