Best Surfer Beaches in Australia

One thing Australia doesn’t certainly lack is represented by surf beaches. Its thousands of kilometers of beaches, bays and coves are the main responsible behind Aussies’ passion for surfing. A great advantage the Australia has over other surf destinations around the world is that, due to the various types of climate the continent experiences, one can surf practically all year round. Also, Australia is one of the most scarcely inhabited countries, so surfers can get all the privacy they want for practicing their skills. For those who feel up to riding the waves, here are the best surfer beaches in Australia:

Byron Bay, NSW

by tautingpanda

New South Wales is a prime destination for Aussie surfers (and not only). Surfers usually come here in summer and autumn, when the conditions are optimal (unlike Queensland, in NSW can get pretty chilly in winter months!). Byron Bay is quite famous among Australian surf beaches as one of the best spots to be initiated in the great art of surfing. It also gathers together a cheerful crowd, consisting of surfers, backpackers and hippies form all over Australia.

Boomerang Beach, NSW

Okay, I have to admit that I have selected this one partially due to the cool name. But this beach near Pacific Palms does have a reputation as one of the most challenging beaches for surfers. With constant waves that can reach up to 150m in length, this beach is quite safe, so even beginner surfers can give it a try during calmer days.

Bells Beach, Victoria

Despite the fact that Victoria’s waters can get quite cold sometimes; this doesn’t stop surfers from checking out the terrific beaches around Melbourne. Bells Beach is not as famous for its waves as it is for its splendid location. The route from Melbourne to Bells Beach follows the Great Ocean Road, Australia’s much praised scenic drive.

Prevelly Park, Western Australia

The presence of the warm Indian Ocean makes Western Australian beaches some of the most sought-for by surfers. While one can theoretically surf all along the Western coast, surfers tend to gather in the Margaret River area. Don’t try surfing around Prevelly Park if you are not among the crazy dudes that have surfing in their blood: the area can be deadly for beginners, although it does make experts sweat adrenaline.

Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania

For the sake of diversity we should mention this Tasmanian surfer’s beach as well. The waves you’ll get to ride at Eaglehawk neck can be pretty challenging – and so they were for the 19th century convicts trying to escape from Port Arthur. Quite a nice and clean beach, otherwise.

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