Best Spa Resorts in Australia

by christine zenino

Australia offers endless possibilities for outdoor lovers and adventurers, but this doesn’t mean that comfort seekers should avoid this vacation destination. Actually, Australia offers surprisingly many options when it comes to pampering and relaxation. It seems that the numerous cultures and ethnicities living under the same flag have somehow managed to reunite the wisdom and rejuvenating techniques of all continents. This is why in terms of spa destinations around the world, Australia holds a privileged position. Throughout today’s post I’ll concentrate on the best spa resorts in Australia for the simple fact that we all deserved to be spoiled from time to time:

Hepburn Springs, Victoria

The healing properties of thermal waters have been known and appreciated since ancient times. The three open air mineral pools at Hepburn Springs will let you enjoy a close encounter with Mother Nature and its magical powers without too much fuss. In addition to the pools, you’ll also be able to enjoy the personalized advice and treatment of a whole team of professional spa therapists. Hepburn Spa is currently undergoing major renovations so expect the awed at the grand opening.

Eco Beach Resort, Broome

by hotelcasaveles2

Eco tourism and spa therapies seem to make the perfect combination. The owners of Eco Beach resort near Broome seem to have understood that well-being is firstly and most importantly a state of the mind. This is why they designed their yoga retreats and classes, a brilliant mix of yoga sessions, meditation and the calming sounds of the ocean.

Voyages Silky Oaks Lodge, Queensland

by swaradilla weesey

The Australian rainforest seems to possess still undiscovered rejuvenating forces: at least, this was the beat of this innovative spa hotel, who decided to open a business in the comforting vicinity of Mossman River. Daintree forest seems to have been around for thousands of years so a session at healing waters spa will let you experience this centennial calm. Facials, scrubs, massages and various other therapies are part of the award-winning repertoire of this exclusive spa.

Crown Spa, Melbourne

Those in a short business trip to Melbourne don’t have to adventure as far as Daintree in order to enjoy full spa treatment. The Crown Spa at Crown Towers Hotel is there for their sole relaxation. The spa offers a wide palette of services and treatments, from manicures to full body exfoliation, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy. You can also decide skip all these and take a swim in the encompassing heated pool, or sit in a long chair and enjoy the view.

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