Best of Sydney Gourmet Restaurants

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Sydney cuisine is defined by its internationalism. While other major cities like London or New York are comfortable with fusion cuisine and international restaurants, Sydney is the one city where ethnic foods are granted the highest honors. Thus, many of Sydney’s gourmet restaurants are specialized in Asian food such as Thai, Japanese or Chinese. If you are ready to trade the usual Chinese take out for a sumptuous location reviewed by famous food critics, Sydney is the place to do it. So be ready to splurge and indulge yourself with the best of Sydney gourmet restaurants:


Multi-awarded chef Mark Best has opened this chis restaurant in his attempt to reach perfection. With several others chefs and sommeliers trained in France and top restaurants around the world, Marque represents the elite of Sydney restaurants. If it’s your first visit at Marque, you should definitely try the degustation menu, a selection of the restaurant’s best dishes, desserts and wines.

Spice I Am

by shishberg

Thai food has gained appreciation all over the world, but in few places did it reach such a refined taste as in the kitchem of ‘Spice I Am’ Sydney. This authentic Thai restaurant has fastly grown form a moderst eatery to a magazine featured restaurant. Everything here is as close as it can get to traditional Thai ingredients and cooking methods (including desserts) and the serving is made with great art.


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The view alone could qualify this restaurant as one of the best in Sydney: located at the 47th floor of a central Sydney building, it offers breathtaking panoramas of the harbor. Under the careful eye of chef Michael Moore (no, not the filmmaker), the menu of the Summit has been revamped to satisfy the most demanding patron. If you will still mind the view while enjoying their signature pork belly or sea food dishes, remember that there is no such thing as the best table: this is a rotating restaurant, so you’ll eventually get a 360 degree view.

Yukis at the Quai

Another great place to admire the harbor but this time in the company of excellent Japanese cuisine. You’ll find most of the internationally renowned Japanese delicacies in the menu, including sushi, tempura or sashimi. The decorum is kept to a minimum, as to highlight the panorama.

Café Sydney

At its opening 12 years ago, Café Sydney decided to forget all the imports and concentrate on what’s essentially Sydney. And they made a great choice (also helped by the Harbor Bridge in the background, the historic site hosting it and the accompanying live jazz). The exquisite selection of Australian dishes attracts a faithful clientele.

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