Best Museums in Australia

Like mostly everyone else planning a visit in Australia, you might be wondering if you will have the time to visit everything you have in mind. Well, most likely, you won’t, which is why research and prioritization are so important when it comes to traveling.
Australia has a lot of great cities and outstanding nature, but it also has some really cool museums. As I said before, there will be probably not enough time to visit them all, so it’s essential know what you are looking for. Depending on your interests, you might be able to check some locations form my list of best museums in Australia:

National Museum of Australia

by pascal vuylesteker

This is the one museum you shouldn’t miss in your Australian adventure. This museum in Canberra is very likely the most comprehensive display of everything connected to Australian culture, from aboriginal art to sports medals. Alongside its permanent collections, the museum also features lots of exhibitions and workshops, not to mention that it is one of the few museums with a consistent online collection. And, to make things even better, admission here is free for everyone.

Australian National Maritime Museum

by brewbooks

Learn everything there is to know about vessels, navigation and navigators! This is one of the major attractions in Western Australia, with permanent collections featuring famous sailors in Australia’s past and objects attesting the long connection between indigenous people and the sea. But the highlight of the museum is represented by the full size vessels, including the perfect replica of Endeavour, the ship of Captain Cook.

Immigration Museum

Those visiting Melbourne should allow a couple of hours to visit this original museum – they certainly won’t regret it! The Immigration Museum, as the name tells you, is dedicated to the millions of immigrants that came to represent the Australian nation. But instead of long shelves and behind the glass artifacts, this museum choose a very personal approach, so visitors can actually hear and read stories told by common people.

Warradjan Aboriginal Cultural Centre

by jmv

The Warradjan Aboriginal Centre is actually part of the Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory (the closest big city is Darwin). The idea behind this small museum was that it should tell as much as possible about the everyday life and the culture of the aboriginal tribes which used to live in the area. The gift shop at the entrance is one of the best places to buy authentic aboriginal arts and crafts.

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