Best Hikes in Australia

by Own Monument

Australia has always seemed to me like more of a hiker’s paradise than a couple’s retreat. And considering the country’s various climate zones, vast wilderness areas and numerous national parks, no wonder that most of the tourists are looking for adventure rather than spas and five star hotels. And with its thousands of miles of scenic, well-maintained  trails, Australia won’t disappoint them. Actually, Aussies have such a love for hiking that they have adopted it under the more popular term of “bushwalking”. In case you intend to become one of the many bushwalkers in the land of kangaroos, here is my selection if the best hikes in Australia:

Wilson’s Promontory

by eastop

Victoria might be the tiniest state in Australia, but it’s also some of the richest in terms of natural beauties. Wilson’s Promontory National Park, one of the state’s many attractions, offers some of the best hikes in the country. Trails here are not very long (although, provided you get an overnight camp permit, you can turn your excursion into a several day trip), but the nature is quite diverse and spectacular. Most of the park’s surface consists of rainforests and solitary cliffs, but you can encounter portions of beaches, coves, swamps as well as abundant wildlife.

Australian Alps Walking Track

The Australian Alps Walking Track can probably be considered as the scale correspondent of North America’s Continental Divide Trail. It follows Australia’s most prominent peaks from Victoria to New South wells, crossing numerous national parks and monuments. The approximate length of the trail is 650 km and it is considered as the most strenuous on the continent – each portion requires rapid gains of elevation followed by fast descends – definitely not a beginner’s walk.

Overland Track

by caltiva

You might have to take a ferry to Tasmania if you want to check this one out, but many voices say it’s the very best hike in Australia. The trail between Cradle Mountain and Lake Saint Clair is about 65 km long and might take several days to complete. The whole area has been carved by glaciers, so crystal-clear tarns, mountain springs, rainforests and majestic summits will be the dominant features in each view. You might even see a Tasmanian devil if you’re lucky.

Bibbulmun Track

If you ever get tired of the much praised and populated east coast of Australia, you might as well try out the Bibbulmun track, displaying over 1000 kilometers of western forests. The practicability of the trail makes it quite popular with all age groups, and thousands of tourists come here to admire the diverse flora and rare species of marsupial animals, reptiles and birds.


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