Best Family Attractions in Sydney

Australia’s most celebrated city can easily turned into the ideal family vacation spot. Although many of those with an interest to visit Sydney would rather see it as a cultural, entertainment and economic hub, the Australian metropolis will have families bewitched after half a day of sightseeing. Kids will be delighted to discover Sydney’s unique museums, try out some typical Australian leisure activities, and find out some amazing facts about the continent’s unrivaled animals and plants. So whether you’re part of the traditional family always eager to visit the zoo or the more adventurous family willing to go extreme with a speed boat, check out this list of the best family attractions in Sydeny:

Taronga Zoo

by kevgibbo

Tarnoga Zoo in Sydney is quite an accessible attraction – a short ferry ride over the Bay will take you to a forestry hill, where at each step you will be enchanted by the amazing display of Sydney’s skyline. As for the zoo itself, shelters the most various beasts, from African lions to cute koalas and kangaroos, not to mention the popular Animal Encounters Tours.

Chinese Garden of Friendship

The Chinese Garden of Friendship is a great place to escape the big city agitation and eat a sandwich while contemplating the pagodas and artificial waterfalls. With its beautiful wooden pavilions, sculptures and brilliant landscape design, this lovely park in the heart of Sydney is totally zen.

Sydney Aquarium

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Closely related to Sydney Zoo you will find the Sydney Aquarium, a favorite family attraction aiming to recreate several marine ecosystems. The big attraction at Sydney Aquarium is represented by the Seal Sanctuary, hosting several species of marine mammals like sea lions, seals and penguins. Those who have no time for Queensland or those looking for a teaser of the incredible nature in this area must definitely visit the section dedicated to the Great Barrier Reef, with corals and thousands of exotic fish.

Luna Park Sydney

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Luna Park is Sydeny’s oldest and number one theme park. This historic amusement park has probably entertained millions, if not billions of people throughout the decades, thus establishing itself as one of Sydney’s top attractions. Luna Park is an ideal concert venue, promenade, thrill ride and children party location, conveniently located on the waterfront.

Harbor Jet

People visiting Sydney often forget to appreciate one of the city’s most beautiful and precious assets: the harbor. Your answer to a fulfilling experience of the harbor panorama is represented by the harbor jet boats.

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