Best Cruise Destinations in Australia

turquoise waters

Whitsundays ©Peterpans Adventure Travel/Flickr

At a first thought, Australia might not seem like the prime cruise destination, but when you get to really think about it, then you will realize that Australia can be considered as a gigantic island with thousands of kilometers of beaches and with the main cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, to name just a few – located on the coast. This means that one can practically see the best of Australia’s cities and beaches in one long cruise journey. There are plenty of cruise line offering trips to Australia, and just as many possible routes – today I’ll take a look at some of the best cruise destinations in Australia:


The city of Adelaide is a popular stop for cruise ship of all sizes. Located on the South Australian coast, Adelaide offers a plethora of attractions, from water sports to wine tasting tours. A blend of modern architecture and historic buildings make the city of Adeliade a sight in itself.

modern opera house

Adelaide Festival Center ©amandabhslater/Flickr

This is your chance to learn about the country’s past, its pre- and post- colonial history, and to discover those small little details that make Australia unique among the world’s countries. You can also take day trips in the nearby Barossa Valley and indulge yourself in rustic luxury as you sample some of Australia’s most appreciated wines.

Whitsunday Islands

If continental Australia offers numerous cities and towns and a number of world-famous beaches, then the Whitsunday Islands are the Australian version of a tropical paradise. The immaculate white beaches and shallow, turquoise waters are the trademarks of these incredible islands.

turquoise waters

Whitsundays ©Peterpans Adventure Travel/Flickr

Here you will discover idyllic lagoons, and forget all your worries while swinging in a tree hammock.  The Whitsundays are also a fabulous destination for scuba diving: after all, the Great Barrier Reef is their next door neighbor!


Somehow close to Whitsunday islands you will find the tourist-friendly Cairns. While the Withsundaysand the Great Barrier Reef are probably the two major attractions in Queensland, these are usually reached from Cairns.

cloudy day in carins

Cairns lagoon ©Terrazzo/Flickr

The city appeals to tourists due to its tons of attractions and activities, but also due to its scenic surroundings: Cairns is one of the best departure points for trips into the Australia rainforest, as well as a well known white water rafting destination. Thus, you can embark in a river trip with plenty of splashes and adrenaline, or look for some living fossil plants and trees in the Queensland rainforest.

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