Best Climbing and Rappelling Places in Australia

by alexindigo

With all its famous beaches and surf spots, Australia is just as popular with mountaineers as it is with beach lovers. Actually, hiking and trekking are what Aussies call bushwalking, an widely popular sport in Australia. But Australia and Tasmania’s fabulous mountains are not all about hiking: adrenaline seekers can also find some of the best climbing and rappelling places in Australia. I invite you to take a look at these amazing adventure destinations and, who knows, maybe even try them out in you next vacation:

Blue Mountains

by desigurrl

With their rugged limestone formations, narrow gorges and exotic eucalypt forests, The Blue Mountains are probably the most popular destination with climbers. There are practically thousands of rocky walls that are just perfect for climbing across the vast Blue Mountains area. Grouse Valley and Wolgan Valley are mostly frequented by climbers, but can be just as interesting for hikers. As for abseiling in the Blue Mountain, the basic rule is that what goes up must go down, climbers usually rappel their way down. But there are several specialized agencies offering rappelling tours for beginners, so no climbing experience will be required.

Snowy Mountains

Part of the Australian Alps, these mountains are famous for hosting the highest peaks in Australia. The maximum elevation is 2228m, so with a little determination and a few days at your disposition, you’ll be able to climb Australia’s highest peaks in one single shot. Mount Kosciuszko and Mount Twynam are some of the best known, but there are lots of high peaks in the area. Of course, this is the attitude climbing and not the kind of rock climbing described above, but they each have their joys and perils.

Kalbarri National Park

by HK James Ho

A wild costal area in the vicinity of Pert, Kalbarri National Park is particularly popular with rapellers. The reason? Dozens of kilometres of ocean side cliffs and some spectacular gorges spreading along more than 50 miles distance. Rappelling here is quite simple, provided you have the right equipment and technique. If not, there will be surely some special abseiling tours available in Perth.

Mount Buffalo

Surely, no article on Australian nature or extreme sports should fail to include Tasmania. Mount Buffalo offers some really challenging climbing routes, as well as some awesome descends. In a hot Australian summer day more experienced climbers can also have a try at waterfall rappelling.  Overall, with three types of activities in one place, Mount Buffalo makes a terrific adventure destination.


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