Best 2013 Fall Destinatioins in Australia

Tasmania West Coast

Tasmanian river ©Atsushi Kase/Flickr

While most Europeans, North Americans and Asians celebrate the arrival of spring, in the country Down Under the 1st of March marks the arrival of autumn. Autumn takes many shapes in Australia: in the tropical regions and deep into Australia’s outback, autumn is a warm season, and an ideal time for walking and trekking. In the temperate zones, September and October are the harvest months, ideal for taking wine tours and contemplating the fall foliage. Whereas in the urban areas, autumn is just one more reason to go out and celebrate. So if you happen to be flying to Australia in these next few months, here’s our choice of the best 2013 fall destinations in Australia:

Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory

As the weather cools off to bearable temperatures, autumn is a great time to visit Darwin and its scenic vicinities. A couple of hours drive from Darwin will get you to Litchfield National Park, one of the finest natural attractions in the area. Here you can admire the giant termite mounds, walk along streams and valleys and swim in one of the numerous waterfalls. There is also an abandoned copper mine, and a hidden waterfall which the Aboriginal people considered to be sacred.


Litchfield National Park ©brewbooks/Flickr

Orange, New South Wales

The proximities of Sydney can be particularly beautiful in autumn, and those who visited Orange at this time of the year will confirm this. Set in a hilly region well known for its mining industry and wineries, the city of Orange is also the site of a well-known food and wine festival – Orange FOOD Week –  which takes place every year in April. There is also a historic part of Orange that is well-worth exploring, so don’t miss the chance to take the famous City Heritage Trail tour.

Australian wines

wine tasting ©Atsushi Kase/Flickr

West Coast, Tasmania

Tasmania is another inspiring destination for those traveling to Australia in autumn. Its west coast is nothing but a wast wilderness area, with no major settlements and plenty of virgin territory to explore. This region consist almost entirely of national parks and protected areas, home to some of the best hiking trails and most incredible landscapes in the country.

Tasmania West Coast

Tasmanian river ©Atsushi Kase/Flickr

Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne is always a great place to visit, but during the autumn months the city becomes the Mecca of Formula 1 fans and food lovers. This is because Australia’s only Grand Prix Formula 1 Race is set to take place in Melbourne, during the month of March (the dates for 2013 are 14-17 March). Also in March Melbourne becomes the host of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, when the city’s bars, restaurants and streets become the venues of just as many improvised farmer’s markets, food and wine tasting sessions, workshops and concerts.




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