Australia’s Top Wine Festivals

Australian wines

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There is no doubt that Australia, one of the world’s top wine producers, can be an appealing destinations from a wine-lover’s perspective. A country with an authentic wine culture, Australia  is home to an impressive number wine festivals and wine-related events. From the classical countryside harvest fest to the urban food and wine show, there are numerous occasions for anyone interested in Australian wines to indulge in the country’s best wine varieties. Also, Australia’s top wine festivals can represent a opportunity to travel through some of the most picturesque regions and most amazing Australian cities:

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Every year in March the city Melbourne becomes the host of a three-week long food in wine event. Given the festival’s length, you will have enough time to taste everything there is to taste and enjoy hundreds of related events, such as workshops, presentations and concerts. The festival is a prefect occasion for Victoria’s sommeliers to show off their latest creations, and for participants to taste some of the finest wines produced in this region.

Australian wine tasting

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Cellar Door Wine Festival, Adeliade

If you are interested exclusively in Australia’s wines, than you mustn’t miss out on this fantastic wine event in Adelaide. The event brings together wine-producers and wine-varieties from all over Australia, including well-known regions such as Barossa Valley or Yarra Valley. What is great about this February event is that it also features wine tasting workshops, so even if you are not a connoisseur, you can still learn how to taste and recognize a good wine – and thus make the best out of this amazing wine fest.

Hunter Valley Wine Show

A wine show is another type of wine related event that enjoys a lot of popularity in Australia. Unlike the usual harvest or wine fests, a wine show involves a handful of wine experts who will evaluate the wines in the competition. This gives wine producers from Hunter Valley to display their wines and be awarded trophies which they can later feature in their promotional campaigns.

wine tasting

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Barossa Vintage Festival

As a major wine producing region, Barossa Valley is home to several wine events. Barossa Vintage Festival is by far the most popular of them. The event has a long tradition which goes back to the first half of the 20th century. In addition to showcasing the best Barossa Valley wines, this event is also a great occasion to immerse in the region’s culture.

Australian wines

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