Australia’s Top Diving Spots


underwater shipwreck ©miamism/Flickr

Home to the Great Barrier Reef, Australia is a prime diving destination. There is no other reef in the world which is as big, as famous or as biologically diverse as the Great Barrier Reef. Its shallow, clear waters offer maximum visibility for divers and snorkelers interested to discover the underwater universe.

On the opposite side of the continent, in Western Australia, the Indian Ocean is another popular diving destination, with lots of great diving locations to explore. Here’s where you can find Australia’s top diving spots and what can you expect to see there:

Lizard Island

OK, so the Great Barrier Reef is Australia’s no. 1 diving destination. But where exactly in the ‘Great’ reef should you go? Well, for start, you could head for Lizard Island. There are several fantastic diving spots around the island, and countless opportunities to sight rare and beautiful sea creatures. Common encounters include the Potato Cod, coral and anemone varieties, sea stars, and even sharks.

Great Barrier reef

Lizard Island © gruntzooki/Flickr

Yongala Shipwreck

Many of us have this romantic picture in mind, of diving and  finding a rusty shipwreck on the bottom of the ocean. Well, at the Yogala Shipwreck in the Great barrier reef you will be as closer to this description as it can get. The ship that sank 100 years ago has become house to a real underwater garden. You will find sea weeds and corals in vivid colors, along with tropical fish species, sharks or crustaceans.


underwater shipwreck ©miamism/Flickr

Ningaloo Reef

Australia’s western coast offers interesting diving spots, too. Some are quite remarkable, such as those along Ningaloo Coast. The reef here is protected by both local and international law (it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site). This is the place to observe corals species that are typical for the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, along with sea turtles, manta rays and the incredible white shark.

Neptune Islands

Lastly, for thrill seekers, Australia offers some of the best locations for observing and even diving with the sharks. The Neptune Islands in South Australia are THE spot for getting close to the great white shark. The biggest of all shark species, the great white shark is frequently seen in the area. Professional tour operators know exactly where to spot them and how to attract them. To make your experience exciting without risking to get killed, they will put you in a iron cage and slowly submerge you beneath the ocean’s surface, where luckily the sharks will be roaming.

shark encounters

shark dive ©Derek Keats/Flickr


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