Australia’s Top Art Museums

Sydney museum

Art Gallery of New South Wales ©Nagarjun/Flickr

Australia can be not only sunny and outdoorsy, it is also very artistic. Australia’s art museums represent an important asset for Australian tourism, and attract a considerable number of tourists. Visiting one of Australia’s top art museums means that you will get the chance to familiarize yourself with various aspects of the artistic expression in Australia, from Aboriginal Art to contemporary Australian art. Also, Australian art museums are renowned for their international art collections, hosting numerous works of universal value, signed by well-known European, American and Asian artists. Here are some of the biggest and most popular art museums on the continent:

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

A top attraction in Canberra, the National Gallery of Australia prides on its Australian Art Collection. The permanent collections of the museum allow visitors to follow the history of Australian art, from indigenous art to the colonial era, and then to contemporaneity. Another much-appreciated permanent collection is the one dedicated to Asian Art, one of the largest of such kind in the country.

art museum

National Art Gallery of Australia ©Rmonty119/Flickr

The Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

The vibrant Sydney cannot be missing from an inventory of Australia’s top art museums. This is also where one of the oldest art museums in Australia can be found: The Art Gallery of New South Wales. In addition to its remarkable collection of Australian Art, the museums has permanent exhibitions featuring European, Pacific, Asian and Aboriginal works.

Sydney museum

Art Gallery of New South Wales ©Nagarjun/Flickr

You’ll also quite often get the change to admire famous itinerant exhibitions here, usually themed around a great artist. The Art Gallery of New South Wales is also one of the best galleries were you can familiarize yourself with contemporary Australian art: thanks to the museums numerous and frequent temporary exhibitions of photography, crafts or multimedia art.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

If you are interested exclusively in contemporary art, then Sydney has its specially designated museum. The MCA has a very dynamic agenda, changing its exhibitions at every few months. Plus, its excellent location in the heart of Sydney’s The Rocks district makes it a perfect venue for business meetings, reunions and family events.

The Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

This art museum in Adelaide is a must-see for every art buff visiting South Australia. Its collections and temporary exhibits match the standards or any other of the country’s big museums. Australian, Asian, Western and Aboriginal artworks have all found their place among the museum’s collections.

Australian art

contemporary art Australia ©Rmonty119/Flickr



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