Australia’s most remote beaches

by eulinky

Australia has been long praised for its numerous and beautiful beaches, which in no surprise considering that it is surrounded by two oceans and spreads over several climate zones. Practically, Australia can offer all types of beaches, from the silver sand crescents surrounding the lagoons and atolls in the Great Barrier Reef, to the large sand dune beaches in the South where only surfer groups dear to adventure. Places like Sydney, Cairns or Gold Coast are quite famous for their beaches, but if you ever want to ditch the crowds and get the sand, water and sun just for yourself, here’s a brief introduction to Australia’s most remote beaches:

Whiteheaven Beach, Whitsunday Island

The Witsunday Islands in the Pacific Ocean are well known for their exclusivity and unspoiled beaches. So no wonder that very few people have actually set foot on the superb Whiteheaven Beach,  a picture perfect slice of tropical heaven. The only way to get to this island is by booking a tour with an approved operator, and it is not quite cheap.

Cox Bight, Tasmania

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Less known as a beach holiday destination, Tasmania can actually offer some of the most scenic and often almost deserted beaches. And Cox Bight on the Southern side of the island is certainly one of them. The only visitors this isolated beach ever gets are hikers exploring the Tasmanian coast of eccentric travellers willing to hire a private plane. But considering the wild nature and rugged coastline which are typical for this island, one can only expect this beach to be an authentic Tasmanian jewel.

Granite Bay, Queensland

Finding an unpopulated beach in Queensland can be quite hard, considering the state’s all year round warm climate and its popularity with tourists. However, Queensland does offer some really cool surfer’s beaches, like the Granite Bay at the extremity of Noosa Heads. With medium but relatively constant waves and quite a nice setting among the Queensland’s cliffs and rainforests, Granite Bay, part of the Noosa National Park, is also quite far from any residential area.

Stokes Bay, Kangaroo Island

by navin75

Kangaroo Island is usually advertised as Australia’s best no-fence zoo: if you are looking to spot Australia’s unique animal species, than this is the place to be. However, few people know about the bouldery but  picturesque Stokes Bay Beach. Not only a nice and relatively isolated place to cool off, but also a premiere swimming spot.

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