Australia’s Best Zoos

by nadia308

Australia is certainly the place to learn about nature but if you are not the outdoorsy kind of tourist of you simply don’t have enough time for wildlife watching tours, you have to stick with visiting the zoo. Luckily, Australia has some of the best and biggest zoos in the world. You will seldom find such a great diversity of species like in Australia’s best zoos. Not to mention that only the luckiest of tourists will get a chance to see a wombat, a koala and a kangaroo in just one tour. Whereas visiting a zoo will get you close to Australia’s unique fauna, with high changes that you will even get to touch some of them. Here are some popular zoos that you might find interesting to visit:

Australia Zoo

One of the biggest private zoos in Australia, this zoo in Queensland is particularly famous for being founded by no one else but the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. The former TV star and naturalist created a small conservation park in 1991, and slowly developed into the fantastic zoo it is today. The zoo runs countless educational programs, so if you want to learn about crocodiles or natures conservation, here is the place to be.

Melbourne Zoo

The Melbourne Zoo is widely known as the oldest such facility in Australia. Throughout its over 150 year of existence the zoo has hosted a great variety of species and welcomed millions of visitors. Some of the most special animals that can be observed in here are the snow leopard, Sumatran tiger, rep panda and penguins. The zoo also runs a special program that allows children accompanied by parents to go in for free during the weekends.

Alice Springs Desert Park

The main gateway to the Australian outback, Alice Springs is usually the place where adventurers and bush walkers interested in exploring the Australian desert meet. So no wonder the town hosts one of the most interesting zoos in the country, the Desert Park. A condensed version of the great deserts of Australia, the park contains a great deal of animals and plants characteristic to arid climates.

Adelaide Zoo

by Andrew & Jacq

From invertebrates and fish to big size mammals, the zoo in Adelaide is home to no less than 1800 animals. The zoo is open all year round and runs numerous awareness campaigns and workshops, so don’t miss the adjacent Santos Conservation Centre in your visit.

Taronga Zoo

by joe brockmeier

With almost double the number of animals, Taronga is among Sydney’s favourite attractions. Located on a vast area near the Sydney harbor, the zoo offers a very heterogenous mix of animals, from lemurs to giraffes and the Komodo dragon.

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