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Beaf steak at Hunter Valley ©avlxyz/Flickr

Australia is definitely a country rich in attractions of all sorts, but few of them have as much to offer as its sun-kissed wine regions. While Australian wines ares some of the most famous in the world, the Australian wine producing regions offer the most divine delights: luxurious lodges, unmatched landscapes and delicious food.

Surprisingly or not, it is rural Australian where one can have some of the most rewarding culinary experiences. For this reason, we have created a top of the best luxury restaurants that are be found in Australia’s wine regions:

Appellation at The Louise, Barossa Valley

Visitors of Barossa Valley should not miss the opportunity to dine in style in one of the best rated restaurants in Australia. This awarded restaurant is widely recognized for its exquisite wine selection and signature dishes. Chef Ryan Edwards seems committed to offering not only a varied and original menu, but also to offer the best of the region’s fruits, vegetables and wines. In other words, you’ll hardly find a better occasion to indulge in the very essence of Barossa Valley, while in the same time enjoying the comfort and refinement of a luxury restaurant.

Hunter Valley

view from The Louise ©Paul and Jill/Flickr

Wolgan Valley Dining Room, Wolgan Valley

With glorious views of the surrounding hills, the Wolgan Valley Dining Room offers one of Australia’s best wine country gourmet dining experiences. Like any respectable establishment of its kind, the restaurant relies mainly on local products for preparing its excellent dishes. Should you ever get bored of the amazing panorama and of eating a la carte, you can give the special gourmet menu a try – we guarantee you won’t regret it.

The Legends Grill, Hunter Valley

At the end of a long day of driving through the magnificent Hunter Valley, a steak and a glass of good wine might be the only things you want. In this is the case, you have made the right choice when stopping at the Legends Grill. The place is great for sea food lovers (they pride on their fresh products), but also for those gourmands who enjoy the simplicity and savor of a well cooked steak.

countryside restaurant

Beaf steak at Hunter Valley ©avlxyz/Flickr

Stones of the Yarra Valley

Most visitors at the Stones will find it hard to believe that this sumptuous establishment was once a modest barn. A brilliant restoration has managed to transform a once dull building in a luminous and elegant dining room. As for the food, it is hard to describe it, as the menus is quite diverse – let us just say that you will know that you are very close to the gourmand’s heaven.


Stones of the Yarra Valley © bratha/Flickr



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