Australia’s Best Sailing Destinations

boats at sunset

small boats © JefferyTurner/Flickr

Australia is best-known as an outdoors and beach destination, but it also happens to be a fabulous sailing destination for anyone interested in this exciting sport. The scenic coasts of mainland Australia, Tasmania and the islands in the Great Barrier Reef can all make a great destination for a yacht owner or maybe a cruise holiday.

Also, Australia is the site of numerous sailing competitions and races. Around the big coastal cities or up in the picturesque Queensland you can find luxurious yacht clubs. If you are new to sailing, you will be happy to discover that sailing schools and lessons are available in many resorts. Here are few great sailing destinations that you will enjoy:


With their gorgeous tropical beaches and ultramarine waters, the Whitsundays attract yacht owners from all over the world. The shallow waters and the proximity of islands make sailing a pleasure. Hoping from island to island will give you the chance to sun bathe on one of those silver beaches, and swim and snorkel in a perfectly still lagoons. Sailing lessons are also available in the Whitsundays, along with scuba diving classes.

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Sydney is the biggest, most famous Australian city, and the champion of Australian sailing. You will hardly ever find a port that is busier than Sydney Harbor. Ferries, cruise ships, yachts, fast boats – you name it – are constantly crossing this most famous and scenic harbor in Australia. Sydney has numerous yacht clubs, sailing academies and competitions, and is the departure point in Australia’s biggest yacht race, which ends in Hobart.

Sydnay, Australia

Sydney Harbor ©JefferyTurner/Flickr

Lake Macquairie

For a beginner sailor, a lake might just be the perfect spot to learn the art of sailing. And if it happens to be a coastal salt lake water in the lovely New South Wales, that’s even more better.  This enormous lake near Hunter Valley wine region is one of Australia’s best sailing destinations and can be reached within two hours from Sydney. In addition to calm waters, the area offers great food and entertainment, along with some of the nicest landscapes in NSW.


Darwin is another brilliant sailing destination. As the major city in Northern Australia, Darwin has plenty attractions to offer, including historic sites, restaurants, natural parks and excursions into the great Australian outback. Darwin harbor is one of the country’s biggest and busiest. Plus, adventuring out of the harbor into the Timor Sea will open up countless possibilities, such sailing along the coast or going as as as Indonesia.

boats at sunset

small boats © JefferyTurner/Flickr

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