Australian Winter Holiday Ideas

Should you be confused by the title of this post, I’ll try to explain the twisted (supposedly) logic behind it: if there are millions of people who want to escape winter and spend their Christmas holiday in some tropical island, why shouldn’t the opposite be true as well? Why turning your air conditioner to a maximum during a heat wave when you can just fly to Australia for a quick sky trip?
Even if you find the idea of traveling to a cold place during the much expected summer to be unlikely, you should remember that Australia is a huge country which experienced different climate zones. So while the southern parts of the country enjoy a mild winter, the weather in the north is just slightly cooler than in the rest of the year (one of the great advantages of tropical climate:)). Thus, when speaking of Australian winter holiday ideas, one shouldn’t immediately think about frost and snow. The austral winter actually offers plenty of possibilities for those willing to give it a try:

Ski Resorts in Australia

by planetxau

Most of Australia’s ski resorts are concentrated in Victoria, as part of the Alpine National Park. Their relative proximity to the state capital Melbourne make these scenic resorts quite accessible. For avid skiers, the best choice would be Hotham (most durable snows), while beginners can try Mount Baw Baw. Other popular ski resorts in Victoria are Mt. Buffalo, Mt. Buller and Falls Creek. There is also a particularly charming ski resort in Tasmania, called Ben Lomond.

Desert Trips

by huygens

If there is one thing that Australia doesn’t lack, that is definitely the desert. Deserts (Tanami Desert, Great Sandy Desert, Great Victoria Desert) account for approximately 70% of the continent’s surface. Considering the extreme temperatures in these areas, winter months (June to August) represent the best time to explore these magnificent deserts. Overall, these deserts are known as the Australian Outback, and they offer plenty of attractions for the outdoorsy traveler: different species of lizards, snakes, insects and even kangaroos and dingoes, as well interesting rock formations and typical fauna.

Queensland Attractions

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The tropical climate of Queensland reaches the perfect equilibrium during the winter months, when temperatures stay around 25 degrees Celsius and the waters are clean and warm. There is no need to mention just how wonderful and diverse this area of Australia is: the Great Barrier Reef, the Withsunday Islands, the picturesque beaches, coastal rainforests and secluded bays await to be discovered with each trip.

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