Australian Winter Festivals and Events

by MD11

Now that most of the winter is gone and so are the winter holidays, all is left for the festival goer is either head for South America or the Caribbean with their colourful carnival, or go to Australia and enjoy the summer here. And since there will be summer in Australia, there will be also a lot of events going on, from major sports competitions to low profile music festivals and street parades. In case you’re wondering what could determine you to go on an impromptu trip to Australia, here comes a nice little list of Australian winter festivals and events you might want to check out (an maybe attend):

Australian Open

One of the major professional tennis competitions in the world, the Australian Open takes place each year in Melbourne, sometime between January and February. This a great occasion to watch the world’s best tennis players (both males and females) and also enjoy the cheerful and distinguished atmosphere that usually accompanies a tennis competition. You’ll find Melbourne to be even more welcoming and lively than usual, not to mention the hot parties.

Big Day Out

by ritalin

The Australian summer (or boreal winter, call it as you want) is very rich in musical events. The Big Day Out is very likely the most popular of them all. Traveling along the coast from Adelaide to Perth, the event is usually characterized by an impressive, international line-up and tenths of thousand on participants.

Sydney Festival

Sydney has its own festival taking place in summer, and it’s not any kind of festival but a very artistic one. With art exhibitions, concerts, workshops and happenings taking place each day within almost a month’s interval; this is your best chance to get up to date with Australia’s contemporary artistic scene, and especially performing arts like theatre and dance.

Australia Day

by pentax penny

Last but not least, winter is a time of patriotic pride, as on the 26th of January Australians all over the world are celebration their national day – or, how Aussies call it, Australia Day. There will be fireworks, parades, concerts and lots of good food, like at any such kind of celebration. But what makes this day really fabulous from a tourists’ perspective is that no matter where you will be in Australia, parties and good humour are unavoidable. Not to mention that, in most chances, you’ll be able to enjoy many of the events and manifestation for free…;)


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