Australian Spring Travel Ideas

While most of the Northern Hemisphere people are slowly adjusting to the inevitable low temperatures which announce winter, places like Australia enjoy the blessing of spring. It’s late spring in the southern part of Australia which means that people are already making plans for the summer vacation and maybe even taking small excursions to the beach.
The good news for northerners is that in an age of fast travel, it’s not at all difficult to enjoy a week of spring in the middle of the cold November. All you need is a plane ticket to Australia. For all the warmth seekers out there, here comes some useful Australian spring travel ideas:


by kevigbbo

Sydney weather is at its best in the Australian spring months. Blue skies are almost a certainty and the city becomes a huge garden. Spring is the perfect time to visit attractions like Sydney Botanic Gardens or the Royal National Park. Sailors and windsurfers adventure into the Sydney’s busy harbor as early September so if you’re into water sports you certainly won’t get bored. Not to mention that the crowds are longing for sun and open air activities so there will be plenty of fairs and festivals to choose from (the Sydney Underground Film Festival is just one in a long row).


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Canberra literarly flourishes in spring. Between the months of September and October the city becomes home to the biggest flower festival on the continent. The festival is called Floriade, and it reunites florists, landscape artists, garden decorators and musicians alike. The perfect place to steal some garden decorating ideas and enjoy the best of the Aussie spirit with local food and music!


It would be improper to say that spring arrived in Queensland as this part of Australia is never haunted by the nightmare of cold weather. Swimming and sun bathing are all year round activities in the northern parts of Queensland, however keep in mind that by the end of October and all the way through the boreal winter months the weather can become really wet.


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In Melbourne, springs gives the start for the most expected sports events of the year, the Melbourne Cup. Horse races, betting and outraging carnival outfits all part of the event’s agenda. There will be plenty of parading, drinking and partying at this event, but also lots of emotions for participants and gamblers. Believe it or not, this Melbourne-based even so dear to Aussies has reached its 151st edition!

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