Australian destinations in June


While most of the Europe, North America and Asia celebrate the arrival of summer, June means the first month of winter for Australians. But don’t worry about that: if you are planning a business trip, or have booked your Australian holiday for June, it’s no problem. Australia has different climate zones, so in the end you might be able to kill two birds with one stone and enjoy both a sky trip and a beach holiday. Here are some Australian destinations in June you might fancy:


Cairns is packed with attractions, which mean that tourists can enjoy it all year round. But most importantly, Cairns is the biggest city that is close to the Great Barrier Reef.  This is a part of Australia where there is no snow in winter – actually, the climate can be even more pleasant – with fewer mosquitoes and threats and milder temperatures. Whether you want to explore the tropical forests on the coast or the paradisiac Whitsundays, it’s up to you.


great outback ©Bookabee Tours Australia/Flickr

Winter is also a favorite time to bush walk in the great Australian outback. Here in the dessert it gets chillier and drier during the winter – but it will still be warm enough for t-shirts during the day, don’t worry about it. The time is perfect to travel north to Alice Springs and visit those very famous landmarks like Uluru or Kings Canyon.


Of course Sydney is always a popular destination but the reason why today I’ve decided to include it in my top Australian destinations in June is that this is the month when the oldest and biggest movie festival in the whole country takes place. So if you fancy watching some artsy movies or get acquainted with the latest Australian productions and aspiring stars, Screen Australia is your answer (the 2012 has already started actually, and will end on June 17th).

Australian Alps

lake in the Australian Alps ©Andrea Schaffer/Flickr

As the highest peaks on the continent, the Australian Alps get most of Australia’s snow. June is usually considered the beginning of season, but there are still great chances to see snow if not necessarily indulge in it (check the weather conditions in advance, this is the best solution.) Mount Buffalo, Mount Buller and Falls Creek are the best known mountain resorts in Victoria. If you’re not keen on classical skiing and snowboarding, cross country skiing is also available at Lake Mountain and Mount Stirling.

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