Aquarium of Western Australia – A Visitor’s Guide

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Australia has not only a fabulous nature but also great museums and facilities where one can learn everything about the unique ecosystems in this country. For those who haven’t got the time or possibility to dive in Australia’s waters and explore the Australian outback, the country’s fabulous zoos and aquariums represent a more than decent alternative.

This is exactly the kind of situation that inspired today’s post: The Aquarium of Western Australia – A Visitor’s Guide.  This must-see attraction in Perth is not only the country’s largest aquarium, but also one of the best in the world. Here you’ll find all the essential information about exhibits, activities, admission hours and rates for the Aquarium of Australia:

Exhibits and Facilities

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The highlight of the Aquarium is definitely its underwater tunnel, which is almost 100 meter long! The most daring of tourists can ever get closer to the sharks and other marine animals they saw swimming around the tunnel by taking a diving session in the main tank.

The aquarium, which is estimated to host around 4000 fish, was built with a very clear purpose: to show as much of the possible from Australia’s diverse underwater fauna and its marvellous coral reefs. The aquarium tanks are therefore divided according to the different areas and climate zones in Australia, from the Southern Ocean to the Great Barrier Reef. There is also a special area dedicated to Australia’s dangerous marine animals, not to miss by those planning to dive or swim in Australia’s waters.

The aquarium offers guided tours and various educational programs for students and schools. Visitors can also hang around the adjacent cafe and gift shop, or take advantage of the conference halls and restaurant to organize an unconventional wedding or special event.

How to get there

The aquarium is situated at the city outskirts, in Hillary’s Boat Harbour. The best way to get there is by car, following the Mitchel freeway till the Intersection with Hepburn Avenue.

Admission hours and rates

The opening hours of the aquarium are 10 to 5 pm, 7 days a week. Adults can get in for the price of 28 AUS, while children must pay 16$. Be sure to check the aquarium’s official page first, as it contains relevant information about special passes, deals and group fees.


Those looking for an enhanced experience can also book AQWA’s special Reefwalker tours (diving sessions in a reef like environment) or go at sea on board or the whale watching adventure ships.


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