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Who are we?

Our editorial team consists of a bunch of experienced travelers who love everything Australian and who want to spread the word about their knowledge of this beautiful land. The purpose of this blog is to provide an extensive outline all adventurers could use before visiting Australia, that extends to travel guides and tips, visa info, security issues, landmarks and must-visit places all around Australia.

On the other hand, our blog is a considerable site for travel planning too. We would like to support one booking their Australian getaway by collecting last minute flight+hotel packages, discounted hotel rooms as well as bargain airfares to the most popular locations of Australia. Besides our love for the country, being part of the Wanderer Guides Network of travel guides we also gained nearly a decade-long of know-how in the US travel business.

What can you find here?

Besides the general and common topics of Australia (as nightlife, art and culture, outdoors and sports, national parks and top beaches) we try to include those undisclosed topics too – like fishing guide in Tasmania, a guide to the Aboriginal Australia, fun facts about Kangaroos  and common myths about Australians as well as the weirdest festivals of the country.

Browse our travel posts to find out what are the most popular seasonal events, where are the most beautiful beaches and read about luxury travel versus budget travel in Australia.

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Any ideas, suggestions and feedback are very welcome. Tell us how should we make our site better by reaching out via editor(AT)wandererguides(DOT)com.

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