A Guide to Perth Nightlife

perth street at night©Derrick Coetzee/Flickr

As the only big city on Australia’s not so populous Western Coast, Perth faces a whole different set of challenges than Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. A multicultural city and major tourist hub, Perth has enough attractions, eateries and clubs in order to entertain and ever increasing number of tourists. Which means that getting bored is not an easy job in a place like Perth. Check out this guide to Perth nightlife and see which are the trendiest restaurants, bars and clubs in the West Australian city:

Perth Restaurants

It would be a pity to adventure into Perth’s nightlife without first having a nice meal at one of its various restaurants. Perth eateries are not only able to suit each pocket, but also reflect the multicultural nature of the city. The Italian, Asian, and Australian cuisines are particularly well represented in Perth, but you will also find French, fusion or German cuisines. To mention just a few names: Cinnamon on the Park (Indian), The Mighty Queen (Irish), Café Falduzzi (Italian), Hyde Park Hotel (International), Midori (Japanese).

Perth Bars and Pubs

live music Perth ©stusev/Flickr

The best way to avoid a food coma after a nice meal is to head for the nearest pub. Perth is also quite prolific at this chapter, offering both the luxurious hotel lounges and the student frequented establishments. You’ll always find a friendly atmosphere and plenty if drink choices in places like Durty Nelly, Sail and Anchor Pub or the Mustang Bar. For a more international clientele you can also try one of the seaside bars like The Cott.

Dance Clubs and After-hours in Perth

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Perth has an interesting selection of nightclubs, where customers can enjoy live DJ sessions, gigs or simply thematic music. Many of these nightclubs have the word ‘bar’ in their name, however this doesn’t stop them from hosting crazy parties and having several dance floors.  Your experience of Perth’s nightlife depends a lot on your expectations: do you prefer sophisticated lounges or a more eclectic and casual atmosphere. In case you fall into the first category, remember to dress up nicely, otherwise you risk being turned back by the bouncers. Ambar Nightclub, Mint Nightclub and Eve Nightclub are all rather posh, but also offer some of the best DJ sessions and often famous international DJs. If you prefer less noisy establishments, you can always try on one of the following: Leederville Hotel, Universal Bar or Double Lucky.

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