4×4 adventures in Australia

beach drive

beach safari © Brian Giesen/Flickr

With thousands of square miles of rough terrain, uninhabited areas and deserted land Australia is an ideal destination for 4×4 adventures. Hiking and trekking are very popular ways to explore the Australian outback, however it is only rough terrain vehicles that can take you deep into the heart of the desert. Available all over Australiua, such trips are a popular way to discovers the well-hidden gems of the outback, such as Uluru or Kings Canyon. So let’s see some nice destinations for 4×4 adventures in Australia:

Simpson Desert

The Simpson Desert stretches its territory over 3 Australian states – and it is not even the largest on the continent. Taking a 4 wheel drive tour through the Simpson desert will take you into the heart of the Australian continent. There will be days of traveling among endless red sand dunes, but nothing outmatches the view of the night sky or a crimson sunset in the desert.

desert sunset

Simpson Desert ©Atlas of Living Australia/Flickr

Stockton Beach

Stockton beach might not be the best Australian beach when it comes to swimming or taking a sun bath, but it can be every 4×4 enthusiast’s dream. Driving your 4×4 vehicle along several kilometers of almost deserted beach can be fun, but add the fact that this particular beach is quite rough, and you’ve obtained the perfect 4-wheel adventure.

beach drive

beach safari © Brian Giesen/Flickr

Kosciuszko National Park

Kosciuszko is one of the most popular and largest national parks in Australia. The area is mainly mountainous, but you will also encounter beautiful lakes, waterfalls and caves. The park has numerous scenic roads, and if you’re determined to drive through the park yourself, you might want to consider renting a 4×4.

Gregory National Park

The state of Northern Australia might seem like a large, deserted area for you, but there are numerous tourist sights in here. The desert can give birth to the most unusual phenomenons, so all over Northern Australia you’ll find national parks meant to protect these areas. Gregory National Park is park excellence a 4×4 destination, with numerous dust roads crossing its wild areas. Here you can encounter rich valleys, almost deserted plains, but also places that have played an important role in the history of Australian aboriginals.

Fraser Island

There’s nothing that escapes the ambition of 4×4 enthusiasts in Australia, even if it means taking their vehicle across the sea and unto an island. Fraser Island is a popular beach and outdoors destination in Queensland. Driving from beach to beach will give you the chance to sample some of the nicest beaches in this part of Australia, but also encounter abundant wildlife.

island 4 wheel adventure

Fraser island ©kevgibbo/Flickr

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