3 Amazing Historic Tours in Australia

historic site

Port Arthur convict site ©Ianz/Flickr

Exploring the historic side of Australia can bring you numerous delights and pleasant surprises. Although you won’t find any century old Gothic cathedrals or medieval castles here, the history of Australia can be quite interesting for those willing to discover it. While most of the big cities will have at least one history museum and a few famous historic buildings and places, it is rural and wild Australia where the most interesting historic attractions can be found.

Old prisons, aboriginal worship sites, or WWII air shelters are only a few of the attractions you will discover along these fabulous routes in Australia:

Convict Tours

As you probably know already, there was a time when Australia served as a convict colony for the British Empire. Several prisons and convict colonies have been created between the 18th and 19th centuries, to host the deported convicts. Today, many of these have become historic monuments, and people visit them to learn about former convicts and their stories. Some of Australia’s most famous convict sites can be found in Tasmania. In addition to the infamous Port Arthur prison, Tasmania is also home to other important historic sites, such as the Darlington Probation Station and Cascades Women Factory.

historic site

Port Arthur convict site ©Ianz/Flickr


Australia’s northernmost city is a place rich in history, rich enough to offer visitors one of the most amazing historic tours. Darwin is a must for all those history aficionados eager to learn new things about Australia in WWII. You can start your historic tour of Darwin at the East Point Military Museum, where you can see military equipment and objects from that period, including original recordings. Those fascinated with the undergrounds can discover abandoned ammunition bunkers and oil tunnels from the great war, while professional drivers can have a go at exploring the war ship wrecks in the harbor.

gun display

Darwin military museum ©daniel2177/Flickr

Yorke Peninsula Aboriginal History

Aboriginals have inhabited Australia for thousands of years, long before the arrival of European settlers. You can find Aboriginal villages, worship places or heritage sites in many parts of Australia, but if you haven’t got much time then I suggest heading for Yorke Peninsula, near Adelaide. This is a fantastic place to learn about from Aboriginal culture directly from the source. You can interact with the descendants of the Narungga people, listen to their stories and let them guide around the peninsula. You might also want to learn about Dreamtime and dreaming, two of the most fundamental concepts in Aboriginal culture.

Australian beach

Yorke peninsula ©Richo 7/Flickr

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